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Franchise Consultancy Experts

Our franchise consultants are here to support you and your business wherever you are on your franchising journey.

With over 30 years of experience working across a multitude of sectors in supporting businesses to grow and thrive, CCFS are passionate about providing a holistic service to clients.

What is Franchising?

The British Franchise Association definition of Franchising

“The granting of a licence by one person (franchisor) to another (franchisee) which entitles the franchisee to own and operate their own business under the brand, systems and proven business model of the franchisor.”

Our Franchise consultancy projects broken down into 4 steps



Normally you expect to see a proven track record to enable franchising



There should be systems and processes, a method of operation



Growth through multiple locations



Franchisees operate the business model under your brand in multiple locations

franchise retail

If you have a business (virtually any sector) and it works well and either is or can be systemised, making it fully able to be replicated, then you can achieve scale much more quickly through Franchising.

fastfood franchise

Repeat what you have proven to work in other locations and in the hands of others for mutual success. The classic example being the world-renowned McDonalds Restaurants.

The Industry (UK)

In the most recent British Franchise Association (BFA)/NatWest Franchise survey (2018) there are some figures to identify the scale of the sector.

710,000 people are employed in the sector

There are close to 1000 operating franchise systems

Contribution to UK economy – £17.4 billion per annum

48,600 franchised units operating

93% of franchisee claim their business is profitable

Perhaps the last stat is the most telling, Franchising as a means to starting a new business works and failure is far lower than in normal start up’s.

Our Franchise Consultancy background

As franchise consultants here at CC Franchise Solutions we have experience of Franchising from several perspectives and offer Consultancy services from a holistic, hands on, practical experience.

Our Managing Director, Chris Coltham, first began his Franchise industry involvement as a Banking professional working with one of the major High street banks as a key supporter of franchising.

He has owned Franchise businesses and now uses his experience to help businesses begin their Franchise journey, extend their development and recruits franchisees.

chris coltham

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    How does Franchising actually work?

    An established business (you can’t really franchise an idea) seeks growth and decides it would prefer to scale into other locations through Franchising.

    This enables the business to scale using investment funds provided by the franchisee to set up the new outlet and through having a business owner, rather than employee, operate/manage the business.

    This is very dependant on sector as there are owner operator type franchises as well as larger management franchises employing staff etc.

    The Basic Structure

    Sets out a fee structure, usually comprising an upfront licence fee, ongoing Management Service fees/Royalties and often a marketing levy to cover the costs of centralised marketing support.

    In some cases there may also be additional charges e.g. software licence fees and also where product supply is relevant, a margin might be charged on products.

    The model is captured in marketing materials, detailed information memorandums and an operations manual- all then brought together in a legal contract (Franchise agreement) which is the binding contract between Franchisor and Franchisee.

    “The franchisor creates a ‘franchise model’ with all the component parts of enabling the business to be replicated.“

    franchising principles

    Broad Principles Of Franchising

    The Franchise agreement will include specific obligations of the franchisee to uphold the brand image and service standards along with performance measures and goals.

    The Franchisor will also have obligations to provide support and guidance and any tangible aspects of the business as well as to maintain the Trademark protection of the brand.

    Another important aspect to remember is that a franchisee is the owner of their business as defined within the agreement with rights to sell and therefore they should be building an asset of value for the longer term.

    The over-riding ethos is that all of the component parts of the business model should be in place to best achieve mutual success – the franchisor earning its profit return from the ongoing and sustained success of its franchisees.

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    “Chris’ level of detail is very impressive. Franchising any business I feel is quite a complex one but having Chris there every step of the way made the process so much easier than what it actually is. I would highly recommend Chris to any business owner looking to franchise.”

    James Howarth – EvoGK